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About Gary Steele

Gary began his counseling career in 1981. He has the following experience:
greenbullet3Gary has worked as a Counselor in two separate halfway houses, in Minneapolis and Golden Valley, Minnesota.
greenbullet3Gary has worked at a community food shelf in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
greenbullet3Gary has worked as a Counselor at an adolescent halfway house in Victoria, Minnesota.
greenbullet3Gary has worked as a Minister of Pastoral Counseling at a large Minneapolis church for 15 years.
greenbullet3Gary has worked as a Home-Based Therapist for 6 years.

Gary's Education and Qualifications
greenbullet3Master of Arts in Counseling and Psychotherapy at Alfred Adler Institute in 1996.
greenbullet3Mastoer of Arts in Theology with a Major in Pastoral Care at Bethel Theological Seminary in 1981.
greenbullet3Post Graduate Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) in 1983.
greenbullet3Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist since 1998.
greenbullet3Founded Gary Steele Counseling L.T.D. in 2000.

We provide a safe place to help individuals, families, adolescents and children grow and heal. Please explore our website for more information or call us at 651-659-2931.