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Question: How can I find out Gary's qualifications, education, credentials and licensure?

Answer: The following is Gary's Education and Qualifications:
Gary has two separate Masters Degree's. One is from Bethel Theological Seminary with a Major in Pastoral Care which was achieved in 1981. His other Post Education Masters included three units of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE). His other Masters Degree is in Counseling and Psychotherapy from the Alfred Adler Institute of Minnesota in 1996. Gary received his Licensure as a Minnesota Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in 1998, and founded his Private Practice, Gary Steele Counseling L.T.D. in 2000.

Question: How can I determine if Gary is an in-network provider for my insurance company? How can I determine what my copay or deductible will cost?

Answer: You may verify coverage by calling Outreach Counseling at 651.481.0664 for a confidential inquiry from an Intake Specialist.
Question: How do I know if Gary is the right therapist for me?

Answer: You may want to ask Gary the following questions to discover if Gary is the right therapist for you.
greenbullet3What is your approach to counseling?
greenbullet3What can I expect from the first meeting?
greenbullet3What should I bring to my first meeting?
Gary's additional thoughts and perspectives!

Although there is bound to be some initial nervousness in meeting a new therapist, always remember the following:
greenbullet3The therapist is working for you and should always be looking out for your best interest.
greenbullet3You may not exactly know what to ask for in therapy regarding what you need. Is the therapist able to gently and patiently assist you in exploring, clarifying, and focusing on what your specific needs are?
greenbullet3Always trust your gut instincts and if for some reason you don't feel connected with the therapist, ask if the therapist can refer you to a different therapist.

To restate, you should be relatively certain that you can work in collaboration with your therapist for personal growth and healing.